Name:        Deni Lillian

Company:  Deni Lillian Art

Mobile:      07305 975734



Deni Lillian Art was established in 2010. The company was originally called The Deni Lillian Studio but I renamed it with new branding towards the end of 2015.

My art is abstract, vibrant and relevant to the surroundings of the commission.  I give my clients absolute commitment to the highest levels of quality for the art created, its production, project delivery and customer service.

2015 was a turning point gaining my biggest commission to date for one of the largest construction companies in the UK –  Bellway Homes –  for 71 pieces for a luxury development in Chiswick, London for the communal areas. Being then nominated for an award in the Contract Product category in the Society of British and International Design Awards 2015 for this commission was an amazing honour and this was hosted by Anneka Rice at the Dorchester Hotel, London.

My office and art studio are in Hemel Hempstead, but also have an art studio for larger pieces based in Weybridge, Surrey.

Having a passion for creating art as a hobby and what is now a full-time career, one thing has remained and that is the reason I started it.

I began painting from childhood and I guess I was driven to leave my mark!  Even if my art remained a hobby and no one ever saw it, I would feel the same, by creating my art, I am taking something from inside me and recreating it in reality? Therefore, leaving an imprint or mark if you will!

Working with a variety of clients Private and Corporate (large and small), I have a talent for understanding the client’s requirements and fulfilling the brief, whether it is a single piece or a large collection.

As an artist/painter, I am forever learning new techniques using acrylic paint / mixed media on Canvas/ Board as well as creating digital art.

In my spare time, I love taking photographs, walking our dog, watching movies and going to the gym. In fact, anything that is relaxing and gets me in the right head space to create.