Passionate about his work

Dave’s contribution in shaping the Systems Integration Testing Strategy, Plans and Team at Tata Consultancy Services for CMEC was invaluable in providing a platform for the smooth progression of the testing phase of a major Programme.

Dave’s ability to work through the detail, whilst not losing sight of the big picture was particularly impressive.

Additionally, one of Dave’s key strengths is that he is passionate about his work which is always a very desirable quality.

I hope I get a chance to work with Dave again in the future.



Habib Yousaf

Approachable, pragmatic and gets the job done

I worked with Dave during the course of my role at CMEC.

Dave is easily approachable, has a down to earth nature and a pragmatic approach that brings the best out of people he works with and gets the job done as efficiently as possible.

I would work with Dave again without hesitation.



Terence Deakin CRM Consultant

Natural ability to understand, articulate and deliver

I first ‘met’ Dave over a conference call where I remember the atmosphere was not so great between organisations at the time.

The project had hit some sticking points and some serious obstacles needed to be overcome. The first few interactions with Dave were difficult (not because of Dave himself) but because the project priorities were not aligned and there was some serious work to do.

Dave was more than willing to work with me to rectify these issues (ones that all projects go through at some stage or another) and invested much personal time in ensuring that we were aligned so we could work with each other. We developed plans, reporting and a mutual understanding of one another’s priorities, agendas and issues and a wonderful working relationship was born.

It would have been most unusual if I wasn’t speaking to Dave daily if not twice daily and I genuinely feel that the dedication to the cause and Dave’s natural ability to understand, articulate and deliver was a credit both to himself and the client he was working for.

The simple explanation is that Dave ‘just got it’. He understood priorites, internal pressures, delivery, inplementation, testing, code defects, mis- aligned requirements – and this for me made things easier as I could have an open, honest and often fun call/meeting with Dave because he understood! I was impressed with Dave, especially his ability and calibre and feel that whilst ‘on the other side’ I learnt much from him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dave for any project/programme/delivery role as I know he would do just that – DELIVER!

Nicola Palmer - Head of Corporate and Operational Systems

Solid Technical PM

Simon managed Dave directly

A strong work ethic backed up by an even stronger project management discipline, if you are looking for a solid technical PM to come in and affect the right type of change at the right level for your organisation then Mr Clayton is the man for you.



Simon Frankland MBCS Programme Manager | MSP | PRINCE2 | Agile |

Great Manager / Team Player

Chris was senior to Dave but didn’t manage directl, Committed, Focused, Great Attention to Detail, Great Manager / Team Player and nothing but supportive.

I had the pleasure of working with Dave for a couple of years whilst working at CMEC – Dave made a sterling contribution to the program both in terms of his delivery responsibilities but also in terms of the support he offered to his peers as a part of the management team. An asset to any team / project.


Chris Field FBCS, FRSA